about first title source title company

About First Title Source Title Company

First Title Source is a family-owned real estate title company proudly protecting our customers property investment transactions throughout the state of Florida.

We provide complete title and escrow closing services to the buyers, sellers, and lenders involved in real estate transactions to ensure a timely accurate closing process. Our services are designed to protect you and safeguard all of your real estate investments.


First Title Source is a recognized leader throughout the state of Florida in providing top-quality title insurance services to our clients. Our staff of highly-skilled and dedicated team of closers and title agents are available with over twenty-five years of combined experience, committed to ensuring you a smooth and accurate real estate closing. We have with offices located in Tampa, Clearwater, and Palm Harbor, FL.


Our team of highly trained title agents are committed to assisting you step-by-step through the closing process to ensure you experience a speedy and successful closing transaction and give you the peace of mind in knowing that you are fully protected into the future.


Our goal is to provide you with exceptional service, and make the process of getting title insurance as simple as possible for you, and to give you peace of mind. We have unmatched expertise in the state of Florida in title, escrow, closing, services.


Joseph Cash Jr.
Joseph Cash Jr.

Owner, First Title Source, LLC